About MSI

In 2018 a community of academics and early-career researchers founded Modernist Studies Ireland (MSI) to facilitate the sharing of interests, research, and pedagogical approaches to modernism and modernity across the island of Ireland, including both the Republic and Northern Ireland, and throughout the world beyond. Modernist Studies Ireland provides a research community and network to disseminate new research, publications, and archival holdings to a local and global audience.

W.B. Yeats, A Vision (1937)

Key objectives of Modernist Studies Ireland include:

  • Strengthening the communication and dissemination of research in Ireland and beyond that considers any issues related to modernism and modernity
  • Encouraging the discussion of Irish-language writers and speakers and their inclusion in the canon
  • Increasing the awareness of the valuable archival resources related to modernism available in Irish institutions
  • Connecting specifically Irish modernisms with wider modernist studies and Irish studies 
  • Recovering missing and lost voices from the modernist canon
  • Fostering interdisciplinary and cross-university research collaborations.
  • Creating a network of scholars to host conferences, workshops, and group discussions.

On 17 May 2019, NUI Galway hosted the inaugural conference of MSI to bring together researchers from across Ireland and around the world. The conference theme, ‘Modernist Legacies and Futures’, asked for papers to consider how creative figures conceived and constructed their future both within their work and in the material cultures they occupied. The conference marked the official launch of this first formal institutional and personal collaboration of modernist scholars in Ireland. 

The ongoing Works in Progress seminar series brings together scholars of modernism working on any related topic: so far it has featured events hosted and supported by NUI Galway, Maynooth University, and the University of Limerick. 

We encourage all interested parties to participate in the ongoing strategy for Modernist Studies Ireland and to submit ideas for future talks, Works in Progress seminars, conferences, and collaborations of all kinds.